Stonemill Bakehouse


Stonemill Bakehouse’s line of superior-tasting, high-quality, sliced artisan breads were not getting noticed by mainstream Ontario and Quebec consumers at traditional grocery stores. In addition bread, as a carbohydrate, had a “bad rap” among many health conscious consumers. FCC was tasked with getting attention for Stonemill by promoting the low GI benefits of the bread and new packaging through third party media endorsement.

Strategy and Tactics

FCC’s strategy was to promote Stonemill’s unique value proposition – Low GI using the third party credibility of nutritionist and author, Dr. Joey Shulman.


FCC’s passion for Stonemill Bakehouse breads drove the campaign forward maintaining ongoing coverage in print, broadcast and in-store seminars to impacted sales by 130%.

Stonemill Bakehouse
Stonemill Bakehouse
Stonemill Bakehouse

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