It may seem impossible for a product with a 100-year history and a reputation as the ‘champagne of table waters’ to backslide in popularity, but that is precisely what happened. Perrier ran into troubled waters when several cases became contaminated with benzene, a chemical impurity in the natural gas present in the company’s famous spring in southern France. It re-emerged 10 years later but had lost significant ground to other bottled waters and soft drinks. FCC was AOR and tasked with bringing new life to this naturally-bubbling, refreshing beverage in its new PET bottle.

Strategy and Tactics

FCC put a new twist on this old-time favourite with a dynamic trade and media launch event to announce the re-emergence Perrier in the new PET custom constructed bottle. The point of the event was to emphasize that product safety and integrity had been restored and a healthier option over soft drinks was no available in an “on the go” format. - eau to go.


The launch events were a huge success receiving major coverage from trade and consumer media outlets. Distribution and sales were impacted significantly within weeks of the launch. “The introduction of this classic beverage in a cool new container presented a sparkling opportunity to elevate Perrier from the sea of other bottled waters.


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