Ontario Veal Appeal


Improve the public perception of veal, a much maligned and misunderstood protein offering.

Strategy and Tactics

A review of research led FCC to conclude the time was right to invigorate the public’s appetite for this versatile and delicious meat. The ‘Appeal of Veal’ became the basis for a media campaign focused on educational information and developing a sense of pride for locally raised product, by exposing Ontario’s progressive farming practices. The first step was to present a bold and friendly image for the brand, captured in a word mark, “Ontario Veal Appeal.”


Our greatest success was not one negative story! In all the coverage, the prevailing sentiment was surprise, interest and enthusiasm. Editorial entitled “The real deal on veal” and “Eat veal without guilt,” drove home the key messages; great nutritional profile; produced with pride and care in Ontario. This campaign won a GOLD honour from CPRS.

Ontario Veal Appeal
Ontario Veal Appeal
Ontario Veal Appeal

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