Homegrown Ontario


Ontario Pork (OP), the Ontario Veal Association (OVA), and the Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency required greater local visibility. Research confirmed that a majority of Ontario consumers would like to purchase locally-produced meat and poultry products but could not identify them.

Strategy and Tactics

Faye Clack Communications (FCC) developed the “Homegrown Ontario” brand to create an identity for locally raised pork, veal and lamb.


The launch of the new brand generated a level of excitement and interest in Homegrown Ontario that was beyond our wildest dreams.

The campaign delivered: s still delivering results:

  • 63 million media impressions
  • Homegrown Ontario alliance grew from three associations to five with the addition of the Turkey Farmers of Ontario and the Ontario Independent Meat Processors
  • since the launch, more than 100 retailers and 70 processors across Ontario have agreed to participate in the Homegrown Ontario program
Homegrown Ontario
Homegrown Ontario

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