Ontario Apple Growers


Generate additional media attention for Ontario grown apples in the winter months, a season not typically popular for apple consumption.

Strategy and Tactics

With the help of an Astrologer, FCC developed a fun and creative campaign which drew on the correlation between 12 Ontario apple varieties and the 12 signs of the zodiac. The campaign was called Applescopes. FCC also consulted with a nutritionist to provide health messaging for apples along with other relevant nutritional information for each of the 12 Applescopes. Our Chef was tapped to develop new recipes that were specific to each apple variety in the “Applescopes”.


FCC’s three-pronged approach had layers of media appeal. The Applescopes themselves had a lifestyle spin, the nutrition component covered the health angle, and the recipes were ideal for food editorials. By appointing three spokespeople (astrologer, nutritionist, chef), FCC was able to strategically pitch media according to the Applescopes angle that most appealed to them and create an ACE [CPRS] award winning campaign.

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